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Amigdala prepare you for a cybernetic race. Pancha’s sharp merciless voice singing repetitive and obstinate verses will shatter your body hard. Zho’s beats are heavy, metallic and industrial, yet agile, colourful and luminous. A fluorescent intersection of electro pop with cyberpunk-techno for shameless assshakers or dreamy dancers. Amígdala te prepara para un viaje cibernético. La voz cortante de Pancha cantando versos repetitivos y obstinados hace vibrar el cuerpo. Los ritmos de Zho son pesados, metálicos, industriales, y a la vez ágiles, coloridos y luminosos. Una intersección fluorescente de electro pop con techno cyberpunk para gente que le guste mover el culo o bailarixs soñadorxs


Marie Carangi (
presentits Teta Lírica's new performance from the album TETA SINGLE.
In this theremin concert the ‘singing’ is uttered by the movement of tits penetrating the sonic field of the instrument.

_TÂMERA BAK, homenaje a Xuparina.

Tâmera Bak und Dj Marla Roots Tâmera Bak
Xupa Show - Hommage an Xuparina!!!

Tâmera Vinhas feat. DJ Marla Roots - Carioca Xupa-songs & Funk.
A performance in honor of MC Xuparina.
Xuparina was a genuine carioca, pure energy. She brought a good portion of queer-feminism to Rio-funk, a music genre which is also known for it's sexist lyrics.



Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Folly Ghost was always involved with the Baile Funk local scene. Now based in Berlin, his sets feature a wide range of styles that can include Voguing, Deep House, Afrobeats or anything that has a low bass and a fierce beat. His main commitment is to make booties shake and provide a mood where the celebration of different bodies and cultures are both possible and delightful.

Folly Ghost is an active member of the No Shade collective and is very keen on engaging in projects that help the QTBPOC community to be better represented.


also known as Paría Mía, is a trans boy originally from Argentina based in Berlin. Pendej* started playing since 2013 in queer partys in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.
Eclektic style mixing pop, Latinoamerican pop, reggaeton, middle eastern pop, trap, feminist hip hop and more.


Originally from Argentina, part of the collectives Kybele and Seasidetrip, Andshe is a Berlin-based DJ specializing in downtempo music. She explores the edges of the genre with a deep inner sensitivity influenced by the Berlin’s scene.…


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